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    to My Changing Room

    ...focused on dressing for pleasure in the Boston area since 1996. I offer the complete transformation experience in a discreet and whimsical setting, perfect for fulfilling femme fantasies and training in womanly ways and wiles.

    Everything you desire is here: silky lingerie and stockings, flirty skirts, evening gowns, high heels and all the lip-gloss a girl can manage. We supply all the clothing & accessories, makeup & wigs along with creative guidance. Of course you may bring your own wardrobe as well. Enter this femme world to explore and give flight to your inner diva. Here you will find plenty of support and encouragement, absolute discretion, cool drinks and hot music, and a good dose of mirth.

    What to do? Dancing, photography and modeling sessions, tea parties, makeup, outings, shopping, girl talk... and what do you want to do?

    The private location (Rt. 1A - just past Boston’s Logan Airport) has ample parking at the door, a photo/dance studio, wardrobe and makeup room, a lounge and private bathroom. Storage space is also available. I look forward to your visit!

  • About MeOpen or Close

    Natasha Savoy

    Makeup is pure alchemy

    ...lingerie is potent and bewitching. I take great pleasure in the wizardry of transformations. My background is in Cultural Anthropology and social work; actually much of what I do now with My Changing Room relates to those fields. Transformations are more than skin deep and can liberate the soul. Really! Clients often remark that our time together has a very therapeutic effect. I am pleased to be a conduit in that powerful exploration process.

    Developing the skills for transformations has been a compelling evolution, drawing on the psychological realm as well as the tangible. And damn fun too! This career path could not have been planned. Had I known about all this thirty years ago when three drag queens helped me out of a manhole I stumbled into in Lima, Peru I might have accepted their invitation for drinks and shortcut the entire process. The epiphany occurred around 1990 while traveling with a professor with a proclivity for cross dressing. He was quite striking every evening as we stepped out in Macedonia and Albania. In keeping such company I realized that my role as wingman/fairy godmother and confidant could be more than a favor.


    For the past decade

    I have studied with many top makeup artists to perfect my skills in creating glamorous yet believable looks for T-girls...and all girls. As a member of a fantastic organization - The Powder Group - I have developed a mid-life second career as a makeup artist. Annually I attend their makeup conferences and take professional seminars offered by celebrity makeup artists, as well as classes at the MAC PRO lab and the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy in NYC.

    I have gathered and curated a large wardrobe and shoe collection and have learned how to coax the finest femme personae from nervous nellies and budding vixens. People of all ages and from all walks of life visit My Changing Room. I truly enjoy their company. They are intelligent, curious, accomplished and fascinating. Some are experimenting with a femme experience for the first time while others are frequent frockers who return on a regular basis. My oldest client of recond is a vibrant 92, still dressing for pleasure minus the heels. I don't see people under 21 unless there is a recommendation from a therapist or family.

    Two women have been significant in my journey

    Ms. Patricia, a dear friend and colleague, introduced me to the concept of cross-dressing for fun and for all- instead of the prototypical drag queens we adore but don’t wish to emulate. She imparted valuable knowledge, keen wisdom and hilarious stories. She dressed up all manner of girls for decades in the Boston area. Patricia, now a nurse, is living the lush life in Florida.

    Veronica Vera’s first book – Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to be Girls –has been profoundly inspirational. I took more than a few pages from her book to develop my own cross-dressing business. Her witty second book, Miss Vera’s Cross Dress for Success, led to gilding even more Lilies.


    While looking beautiful is a delight

    ...feeling feminine is equally significant. I draw on all senses with transformations. I adore sharing my favorite girl pleasures (lipstick, perfume, girl talk, silky scarves, gorgeous gowns, sheer stockings, sparkling jewelry, chic handbags, champagne, whispered confidences and dreams...) with T girls, whether a "tourist" or an evolving woman.

    In addition, I specialize in creating beautiful, simple and appropriate makeovers/makeunders for women over 50, imparting a new look for special occasions, weddings or every day.

    When I am not frocking and fussing over girls - I am an artist living in Boston with two large dogs and a handsome, understanding husband.

  • The StudioOpen or Close

    My Changing Room's new space

    is part dressing room, part stage, and part lounge...

    As you'll see, it's no ordinary loft.

    We are located in the executive suite of the former occupant, a large silver company, on Rt.1A near Logan Airport.

  • GalleryOpen or Close

    We have fun... girls like that!

  • Services Open or Close

    Your time at My Changing Room is totally focused on YOU - whether you choose to put yourself in our capable hands and see what unfolds or want to carefully plan your entire visit. You are welcome to explore the wardrobe and experiment with various looks. Perhaps you enjoy the company of others and like to socialize, want to venture out for a drive or prefer private time behind closed doors with music and mirrors.

    • Sessions

      GIRL TIME – approx. two hours - which is enough time to fully indulge your femme persona: $250

      DIVA TIME - the longer session which allows the luxury of more time to savor all you discover: $400

      Weekdays 11 - 9 (by appointment only) Late,weekend, and extended sessions are available by special arrangement - please inquire.


      Makeup Application

      Makeup Lesson

      Phone consulting-coaching





    • How will you spend your femme time at My Changing Room?
      Here are some suggestions:

      *Layers of Lingerie - Getting Comfortable - The panty basket holds dozens of panties - dive in! Revel in frilly bliss, sophisticated silk, . . .lace, satin, ruffled, cotton, nylon, latex, sheer, opaque, sequined, laced - brief, bikinis, g-strings, thongs, dipthongs, hi-rise, low-rise, no-rise...also vintage nightgowns, teddies, babydolls, slips, stockings and garters, pantyhose and petticoats...our bra basket overflows with lush offerings. ..silky robes and nightgowns hang nearby...indulge!

      *Makeup - I will create a special look for you - from casual and natural, to full-tilt femme fatale, subtle correction and enhancement to complete gender bender. This includes gentle cleansing, a discussion of styles and colors, expert application, face (lift) taping if desired and false lashes. Makeup lessons are also available with personalized charts, recommendations, photos and hands on practice.

      *Wigs - try different looks from the collection.

      *Shape Shifter - We will use breast forms, hip pads, gaffs, leotards, tights and corsets to give you a womanly silhouette.

      *Wardrobe - Access to the complete collection of very short skirts, longer skirts, evening wear, Bridal gowns, leggings, office wear, conservative and vintage dresses in all sizes. High heels in larger sizes and fun costumes too!

      *Modeling - Let's "work it girl" with hot music, large mirrors and plenty of room to strut your stuff. Pose demurely or as an all out vixen. Study and recreate poses from my look book. This can be a photo shoot, a fashion show or whatever you create. Bring your own camera if you prefer. All photos are with your permission and for your review only. We can put 50+ photos on a CD for you or email them to you.

      *Comportment – Walk this way . . . Etiquette, grace & body language, feminine conversation and voice modulation, correct posture, posing, proper gait, walking in heels. A little attention to these aspects will elevate your confidence.

      *Girl Talk and Tea...

      *Stepping Out – Little Steps = a brief drive, a short walk and I meet you at the end of the block where you can jump back into the car and catch your breath! Discuss, touch up lipstick and repeat. Now I want you to walk to that park bench, sit for a few minutes and stroll back to the car where I am waiting. Big Steps = Shopping? Lunch? A relaxed cocktail? Spa treatments? Are you ready to venture out? If so, let's go! We will visit friendly boutiques, shops, salons and restaurants or perhaps stroll in a local mall.

      *Let’s pretend, let's stage vignettes, let's indulge popular pretenses ;)

         Caught in the Act - Visiting Auntie? The lady next door? Too curious? Is that her lingerie in the shopping bag? Ooh . . so silky to touch….what's in that drawer.... UH-OH! I’m going to get caught red handed! How embarrassing!

         Job Interview - Ahh . . .first you should know - there are some extra requirements for this job. Our dress code is different. Are you an appropriate candidate? Let us prep you, as it will involve some significant adjustments. You must change into this femme attire…sit for makeup application and learn feminine ways. Now - tell me what makes you think you are qualified to......!

         Merry Maid - In a frilly maid’s outfit you will wield a feather duster and learn to be of service with style and grace . . .serving tea, sorting stockings and panties,arranging shoes, tidying up, a bit of dusting, polishing mirrors. . . all supervised with a keen eye toward feminine charm and perfection. Practice that curtsy Missy!

      *Free to be SHE - Time to shut the studio door, turn up the music and totally indulge . . . whatever that means to YOU.

    • If you plan to visit... here are some important things to know:

      At My Changing Room, advance reservations are necessary, but you may always call to see if I happen to be available at a moment's notice. It could happen. At times I can be difficult to reach directly due to travel and other interests so please do not hesitate to call again and send e-mail!

      We never rush - nor should you!

      Your time here will be relaxed; session length is flexible

      Weekdays 11 - 9 (by appointment only) Late,weekend, and extended sessions are available by special arrangement - please inquire.

      I require a same day confirmation. If you do not confirm on the day of your appointment I will consider you a no-show and will not be available. An appointment is a commitment. In the event of a cancellation, I ask that you call as soon as possible so I may make good use of that time. Please be courteous and realize that I make specific arrangements to see you and have reserved my time and space for YOU.

      An appointment is a choice on both our parts. Let's have a brief phone discussion to determine if we are a good match and that we are 'on the same page.

      A deposit from new clients, or extended appointments may be required.

      Please don't arrive too early. I may not be here or may be with other clients. Usually I am only in my studio when I have scheduled appointments – so walk-in appointments are not possible.

      Initial contact may be via e-mail but I require a phone conversation with you before accepting your appointment reservation

      I request a contact phone number for you but will only return calls per your specifications.

      All sessions include make-up, wigs, lingerie, wardrobe selections, shoes. You may bring your own favorite items as well.

      We provide all necessary linens and toiletries for you to freshen up before you depart. We will sit down and go over your face carefully to be sure all traces of makeup are gone, OR touch up your look if you are going out.

      You are welcome to bring your own camera for use during your session. I also can take digital photos to be copied to disc / emailed to you. Professional glamour/boudoir photography is available by advance arrangement.

      We do not provide sexual services! No drugs!

      No need to be nervous or feel awkward. We are very experienced - we "get it", and have been supporting the cross-dressing/transgender community for over 16 years. Please advise me of any health, psychological or physical problems you may have. I gladly accommodate most circumstances but want to know of any special considerations.

      I expect sterling manners and a decorous attitude to prevail in all your interactions. .

      Contact me by phone or to initiate discussion about your visit. I look forward to meeting you!

  • TestimonialsOpen or Close

    image10 I love what I do. I am fortunate to be in a job that has people thanking me a lot. I'm a busy emailer, blogger and such, but sometimes a message really makes me pause. The notes below are recent examples.

    • Dear Natasha, I can’t begin to thank you enough for yesterday’s makeover and session. It far exceeded my wildest expectations. The hair style, the makeup and clothes were simply stunning. I have waited 45 years for this. It means a lot to me, as I believe you know. You provide a valuable service to the community. I will, no must, do it again. Many many thanks, again. Warmest regards...

      ~ Katherine Anne ~
    • Natasha: Again thank you so much for the time we spent together. Honestly there aren’t words that can express the intensity of the experience. I absolutely had a great experience, beyond what I could have imagined. I so much look forward to seeing the photos. Some people only dream of what could be – I am committed to living my dreams and you took me even beyond that. It was great to take time out. I am usually in a hurry, hurry this and hurry that. You were unbelievably patient, understanding, intelligent, a great listener besides being a very pretty charming lady. When I return to Boston I will definitely want to see you again. Thank you for the experience. Life really is about the moments your breath is taken away. You made that happen for me. Affectionately...

      ~ Elaine ~
    • Natasha, I wanted to write to you and tell you just how amazing today was for me. I felt so comfortable with you, which finally allowed me to open up and expose my true inner self. I have never felt to happy to have been able to be Tiffany. Even if it was only for a few hours. I felt truly like I was transformed into the woman I always wanted to be. I feel like there is so much more to explore with regards to Tiffany. I want to be able to express my femininity through her. Thank you so much for helping me through this. I still can’t believe how I looked. Passable or not, I felt beautiful and sexy and so feminine. I am sure you will be hearing from me again. I could have stayed there all day. I already want to come back. Thank you again.

      ~ Tiffany ~
    • I can't thank you enought for this afternoon. Our session far exceeded my expectations and you put me completely at ease. I found you professional, excellent at makeup, and a great teacher. Also smart, funny and empathetic. I could not have asked for a more enjoyable experience and have already recommended you to two others. I will definitely be back to visit you again for you to work your artistry and magic. I looked at the photos you took when I got home and there are so many great ones - out of 150 there are at least 50 that are excellent and could be in a book! I can only imagine what the pictures would look like when you choose the clothing too - next time for sure. Thank you for a wonderful and liberating time. Attached are some of the photos.

      ~ Cassie ~
  • Au CourantOpen or Close

    Our new web site is live!!!!!!! My Changing Room has entered the modern era of web design at last... Though I always liked our old retro graphics ;)

    Thank you's go to my ever patient, lovin', and extra cool husband/ webmaster Don, and our Darling Steph, who keeps us online and secure. Poke around the site, see our new space if you haven't already. It's really a little community, and it's all about the girls.

    My Blog has my latest up to the minute (or week, maybe) ramblings. Do stop by!

  • ContactOpen or Close

    Questions? Comments? Please tell me a bit about yourself before arranging a session. It is helpful to know your preferences and ideas. For example - are you a femme fatale, sweet young thing, ......... What clothing and colors do you like? Are you experienced or just trying this for the first time? You get the idea.

    We maintain strict privacy, and will not give your email address or personal information to anyone else, ever, for any reason.

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