Boston, MA


To My Changing Room

…focused on feminine transformations in the Boston area since 1997. I offer the complete transformation experience in a discreet and whimsical setting, perfect for fulfilling femme fantasies, and for perfecting a transgender persona. Transgender training wheels is a huge component of My Changing Room.

Everything you might need is here: silky stockings and lingerie, flirty skirts, business attire, evening gowns and all the lip gloss a girl can manage. We have clothing & accessories, makeup & wigs and shoes for every look. Enter this special world and give flight to your inner diva. Here you will find plenty of support and encouragement, absolute discretion, a cool drink and hot music to inspire even the most timid girl to dance.

What to do? Browse the extensive wardrobe, try on high heels, learn to apply the proper makeup for your look, photography and modeling sessions, girl talk and tea. Sometimes just gazing and getting to know that woman reflected in the large studio mirrors is enough. Perhaps you are ready to venture out for lunch or cocktails or a bit of shopping. Often it is best to just create the femme image and see how you feel – without any preconceived notions. This is your time after all.

Working with Tabitha –


Ms. Tabitha is a dear friend, well-versed makeup artist and fun-loving fashion maven!

Tabitha shares my enthusiasm and creative energy for transformations and fostering feminine experience. She has brought so much insight and cleverness to My Changing Room with her own brand of femininity.   Miss Tabitha is ever foxy but circumspect, discreet, wise, and winsome.

To discuss possibilities or schedule an appointment please contact Tabitha directly at: or 617.329.9051

Our studio is located on Rt. 1A just north of Boston’s Logan Airport with ample parking.   You will find My Changing Room tucked away in a small private wing of the building. We have a large photo studio, makeup room, wardrobe/dressing room, two private bathrooms and a lounge area.  We look forward to your visit!!!