Natasha Savoy

Makeup is pure alchemy

…lingerie is potent and bewitching. I take great pleasure in the wizardry of transformations. My background is in Cultural Anthropology and social work; actually much of what I do now with My Changing Room relates to those fields. Transformations are more than skin deep and can liberate the soul. Really! Clients often remark that our time together has a very therapeutic effect. I am pleased to be a conduit in that powerful exploration process.

Developing the skills for transformations has been a compelling evolution, drawing on the psychological realm as well as the tangible. And damn fun too! This career path could not have been planned. Had I known about all this thirty years ago when three drag queens helped me out of a manhole I stumbled into in Lima, Peru I might have accepted their invitation for drinks and shortcut the entire process. The epiphany occurred around 1990 while traveling on business with a friend at the beginning of his transgender journey. In keeping such company I realized that my role as wingman/fairy godmother and confidant could be more than a favor.

In my work with the transgender/ cross -dressing community over the past 19 years, I have participated in many supporting events which have grown tremendously. For the FIRST EVENT Conference every January I produce the DAY OF WELLNESS & BEAUTY and offer several “About Face” workshops which I have developed specifically for the transgender community. I also do makeup for the annual fashion show, creating glam runway looks for the ladies and enhancing masculine perfection for hunky transmen, (chiseled cheekbones & contoured pecs!)

I have also developed and curated several gender focused art shows in Boston and even enjoyed giving presentations at local colleges.

My Changing Room has been a sanctuary of nurturing and understanding, a proving ground for the curious and a finishing school for the committed. Many of my clients are at the trans femme (M to F) end of the gender continuum and seek me out for guidance and tutorials to help integrate their inner and outer femininity.

Two women have been significant in my journey

Ms. Patricia, a dear friend and colleague, introduced me to the concept of cross-dressing for fun and for all- instead of the prototypical drag queens we adore but don’t wish to emulate. She imparted valuable knowledge, keen wisdom and hilarious stories. She dressed up all manner of girls for decades in the Boston area. Patricia, now a nurse, is living the lush life in Florida.

Veronica Vera’s first book – Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to be Girls –has been profoundly inspirational. I took more than a few pages from her book to develop my own cross-dressing business. Her witty second book, Miss Vera’s Cross Dress for Success, led to gilding even more Lilies.

While looking beautiful is a delight

…feeling feminine is equally significant. I draw on all senses with transformations. I adore sharing my favorite girl pleasures (lipstick, perfume, girl talk, silky scarves, gorgeous gowns, sheer stockings, sparkling jewelry, chic handbags, champagne, whispered confidences and dreams…) with T girls, whether a “tourist” or an evolving woman.

In addition, I specialize in creating beautiful, simple and appropriate makeovers/makeunders for women over 50, imparting a new look for special occasions, weddings or every day.

When I am not frocking and fussing over girls – I am an artist living in Boston with two large dogs and a handsome, understanding husband.

For the past decade

I have studied with many top makeup artists to perfect my skills in creating glamorous yet believable looks for T-girls…and all girls. As a member of a fantastic organization – The Powder Group – I have developed a mid-life second career as a makeup artist. Annually I attend their makeup conferences and take professional seminars offered by celebrity makeup artists, as well as classes at the MAC PRO lab and the MAKE UP FOR EVER Academy in NYC.

I have gathered and curated a large wardrobe and shoe collection and have learned how to coax the finest femme personae from nervous nellies and budding vixens. People of all ages and from all walks of life visit My Changing Room. I truly enjoy their company. They are intelligent, curious, accomplished and fascinating. Some are experimenting with a femme experience for the first time while others are frequent frockers who return on a regular basis. My oldest client of record is a vibrant 92, still dressing for pleasure minus the heels. I don’t see people under 21 unless there is a recommendation from a therapist or family.